Category: Lebanon

Close-to-community providers, gender and COVID-19 webinar

Video recording of the webinar ‘Close-to-community providers in fragile settings and vulnerable communities during crisis: Gender and COVID-19’

Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers

Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers in Lebanon – how to improve employees’ experiences of work and boost their well-being, motivation and productivity

The comparative agility of the community health worker cadre in fragile & conflict-affected contexts

Presentation on ReBUILD’s research into the agility of community health worker cadres in four fragile settings during Covid-19

Health financing in fragile and conflict affected settings

Presentation given by Sophie Witter at a satellite session on “Health financing in fragile & conflict affected settings – controversies and innovations” at the 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool, on 8th October 2018.