ReBUILD for Resilience

ReBUILD for Resilience examines health system resilience in fragile settings experiencing violence, conflict, pandemics and other shocks.

We are an international research consortium that aims to produce high-quality, practical, multidisciplinary and scalable research which can be used to improve the health and lives of many millions of people.

ReBUILD for Resilience is funded by the UK government.

News and Events

Refugees in Lebanon – problems and some solutions

Aug 5, 2022

Article on the challenges facing Syrian refugees in Lebanon, eg income, health care and child labour, and some potential solutions

The translation of the resilience framework

Jun 16, 2022

Rouham Yamout of American University of Beirut talks about the challenges of using an English-language resilience framework within a community setting in Arabic-speaking Lebanon

Resilience or coping? Community health workers’ adaptive strategies in response to COVID-19

May 25, 2022

Blog post on community health workers during COVID-19, the difference between 'coping' and 'resilience' and how the health system itself impacts on workers' abilities

Contextualizing communications for better impact

Apr 21, 2022

A blog post from Shreeman Sharma of HERD International on designing impactful communications for different audiences

This project is funded with UK aid from the British people

"Two billion of the world’s poorest people live in fragile and conflict-affected settings and that figure is rising, fuelled by growing inequality, violence, conflicts and other shocks."

Joanna Raven, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine