Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19 in a federalised context: a case study of health workforce management at sub-national level in Nepal


Partners: HERD International, Queen Margaret University and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


This study examined health sector policy, preparedness and responses to COVID-19 in Nepal, focusing on policies, provisions and implementation approaches for health workforce management at the sub-national level. It explored Nepal’s health system resilience and the lessons learnt from its COVID-19 response, and aimed to understand if and how it demonstrated absorption, adaptation and transformation to support resilient health system.


The study focused on understanding the health workforce management system in this federalised context as a tracer for the wider health system, at the local level for COVID-19 response and in the delivery of non-COVID routine health services. This is helping us develop a framework for future research in health workforce management.




Image: Nepal Shot in Arm – A young girl gets a COVID-19 vaccine at a U.S. supported vaccine clinic outside of Nepalgunj Bheri Hospital in Nepal. USAid via Flickr [opens new tab]

"ReBUILD for Resilience brings together partners to share experiences, to discuss our contexts, and to create an appropriate model that helps build resilience in health systems across the country and beyond"

Sushil Baral, HERD International