Health sector policy responses and health workforce management during COVID-19 in Nepal: Lessons for building resilient health systems

This policy brief highlights the main findings and recommendations from a study conducted by HERD International. This study focuses on one of the key components of the COVID-19 response in Nepal: health workforce management in order to address the surge in demand for services. The study describes the health sector policy response to COVID-19 with specific attention to policies that directly or indirectly affected health workforce, and seeks to determine the processes of policy formulation, communication and implementation at the three tiers of governments. It also explores the dynamic interactions between the levels.

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Further information

The report on which this brief is based can be found here.

More information on this study can be found here.


Image: Nepal Shot in Arm – A young girl gets a COVID-19 vaccine at a U.S. supported vaccine clinic outside of Nepalgunj Bheri Hospital in Nepal. USAid via Flickr [opens new tab]