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Understanding health system resilience in responding to a pandemic: experience and lessons from an evolving context of federalization in Nepal

ReBUILD paper on how Nepal’s federalised health system responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and lessons to be learned

Video on the Kapilvastu Learning Site in Nepal

A video from HERD International which introduces the team’s learning site in Kapilvastu Municipality in Nepal

Health sector policy responses for human resources for health during COVID-19

Case study looking at the impact of COVID-19 and federalisation on Nepal’s health system, how individual health workers adapted, and the policies enacted to support them

Research on gender and close-to-community providers of health care – providing policy guidance in a pandemic

A ReBUILD case study on its research on gender and close-to-community health care providers and how it has provided policy guidance in a pandemic

A Story of Female Community Health Volunteers

A video from the HERD International team in Nepal explores the lived experiences of Female Community Health Volunteers

Scenes from ReBUILD’s annual consortium workshop – Nepal 2022

A short video featuring scenes from the ReBUILD for Resilience consortium workshop in Nepal in September 2022, with short interviews from consortium members

Process documentation presentation

A presentation on HERD International’s process documentation processes – video and PDF

Building understanding of health system resilience in our Nepal learning site – a case study

A case study of HERD International’s early work at our learning site in Lumbini province, Nepal

Sharing experiential learning from health policy and system research learning sites in diverse settings

Panel discussion reflects on the meaning and practice of ‘learning sites’ to advance health policy and systems research and its application for system strengthening

How to Integrate Political Economy into Technical Reform Processes Oriented towards UHC

Two presentations and a Q&A session on the political economy of health financing reforms towards UHC

Poster on health systems resilience through the prism of gender equity and justice

Poster on health systems resilience through the prism of gender equity and justice

Poster on health sector policy responses and health workforce management during COVID-19 in Nepal

Poster on health sector policy response and workforce management in Nepal during COVID-19

Under-recognised and under-supported: CHWs during COVID-19

Poster on community health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Building a resilient health system in Nepal

HERD International video on the shocks Nepal is prey to, how health systems might respond to such crises, and how fragile states’ health systems must learn to become resilient if they are to weather future events.

The Gendered Experience of Close to Community Providers during COVID-19 Response in Settings: A Multi-Country Analysis

Qualitative research study in Lebanon, Nepal, Myanmar & Sierra Leone explored the gendered experiences of CTC providers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Community engagement: The key to tackling Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) across a One Health context?

Paper which looks at behavioural change to tackle antimicrobial resistance in LMICs

Health sector policy responses and health workforce management during COVID-19 in Nepal: Lessons for building resilient health systems

Brief on health workforce management in order to address the surge in demand for services during COVID-19 in Nepal

Health systems resilience in fragile and shock-prone settings through the prism of gender, equity and justice: implications for research, policy and practice

ReBUILD for Resilience paper on using a conceptual resilience framework to identify actions promoting gender, equity and justice in fragile and shock-prone settings

Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19 in a federalised context

A report – Understanding Health System Resilience to Respond to COVID-19 in a Federalised Context: a case study of health workforce management at the sub-national level in Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic – by HERD International

Close-to-community providers, gender and COVID-19 webinar

Video recording of the webinar ‘Close-to-community providers in fragile settings and vulnerable communities during crisis: Gender and COVID-19’

Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19

A presentation from HERD International on understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19: a case study of COVID-19 policy response and health workforce management in Nepal

The comparative agility of the community health worker cadre in fragile & conflict-affected contexts

Presentation on ReBUILD’s research into the agility of community health worker cadres in four fragile settings during Covid-19

Resources from ReBUILD’s research on gender in post-conflict health systems

Details of all outputs from ReBUILD’s work on gender and post-conflict health systems.

ReBUILD briefings addressing gender, vulnerable groups and intersectionality

ReBUILD briefing papers addressing issues around gender, vulnerable groups and intersectionality in health systems in a range of countries

Health financing in fragile and conflict affected settings

Presentation given by Sophie Witter at a satellite session on “Health financing in fragile & conflict affected settings – controversies and innovations” at the 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Liverpool, on 8th October 2018.

What adaptation to research is needed following crises: a comparative, qualitative study of the health workforce in Sierra Leone and Nepal

ReBUILD paper examines health systems research that explored and evaluated health worker performance during crises in Sierra Leone & Nepal