How to Integrate Political Economy into Technical Reform Processes Oriented towards UHC

ReBUILD for Resilience had two speakers in this Health Systems Research (HSR2022) session on political economy and UHC – Sushil Baral and Sophie Witter. They were joined on the podium by Aungsumalee Pholpark of Prince Mahidol University. Videos of all presentations and the Q&A session are below.

Together they presented the findings of their study, the WHO SEARO-funded Political economy, health financing and the role of shocks: case studies in Nepal and Thailand. Aungsumalee presented on the political economy of health financing reforms (2001-02) following crisis in Thailand. Sushil spoke on the political economy of health financing reforms towards UHC, using Nepal as a case study. Sophie Witter gave something of an overview in her presentation, comparing and contrasting reform in Thailand and Nepal.

Download a PDF of Aungsumalee’s Thailand slides here

Download a PDF of Sushil’s Nepal slides here.

Download a PDF of Sophie’s overview slides here.


Aungsumalee speaks here


Sushil & Sophie present plus Q&A – This video has closed captioning.