Tag: Political economy

Political economy, health financing and the role of shocks

Political economy, health financing and the role of shocks – case studies from Thailand and Nepal

How to Integrate Political Economy into Technical Reform Processes Oriented towards UHC

Two presentations and a Q&A session on the political economy of health financing reforms towards UHC

The political economy of results-based financing: the experience of the health system in Zimbabwe

ReBUILD paper examining political economy factors behind adoption of results-based financing and shifts in influence & resources it may bring

Political economy approaches to explore PBF’s adoption, adaption and implementation in fragile settings

Presentation given by Maria Bertone at the International Health Economics Association congress in Basel July 2019

The political economy of crisis-affected settings: what does it mean for investments in health systems?

This brief reviews key elements in the response to crises from a political economy perspective, evidence on the opportunities and challenges presented by crises, and lessons in how to best utilise those opportunities to promote investment in health systems.

Health systems during and after crisis: evidence for better policy and practice

This series of ReBUILD briefing papers addresses some key questions related to health systems strengthening in settings affected by conflict or crisis.

Webinar – Performance-based financing in fragile and conflict-affected settings: from research to practice

Recording of a webinar on the impact of PBF research on practice in fragile and conflict-affected settings

An exploration of the political economy dynamics shaping health worker incentives in three districts in Sierra Leone

This 2015 ReBUILD paper focuses on health worker incentives and payments in Sierra Leone and presents an exploration of district-level implementation processes