Health systems during and after crisis: evidence for better policy and practice

This series of ReBUILD briefing papers addresses key questions on health systems strengthening in settings affected by conflict or crisis. The purpose of these briefing papers was to bring together current knowledge and research in order to inform decision-makers, implementers, researchers and other stakeholders in this area.

The questions addressed in the series were identified through a study of priority research needs carried out by the Thematic Working Group on Health Systems in Fragile and Conflict-Affected States. [opens external site]. ReBUILD researchers drew on both the programme’s own research and on wider published literature to address eight of the questions through this series of briefing papers.

Please download and share these briefs via the links below. We welcome feedback on these briefing papers, and on other key areas for which evidence is needed to support health systems policy and practice in settings affected by conflict or crisis. Please contact Sophie Witter.

NB French versions of these briefs are available here.

Full brief titles and links:

1. Resilience of health systems during and after crises – what does it mean and how can it be enhanced?

2. Developing inclusive health systems in crisis-affected settings

3. How to move towards universal health coverage in crisis-affected settings: lessons from research

4. How do different types of provider affect access to effective and affordable healthcare during and after crises?

5. The political economy of crisis-affected settings: what does it mean for investments in health systems?

6. Do health systems contribute to reduced fragility and state-building during and after crises?

7. Sustainability of health systems in crisis-affected settings: lessons for practice

8. Developing health system research capacity in crisis-affected settings: why and how?

9. Responding to humanitarian crises in ways that strengthen longer-term health systems: what do we know?

10.Performance-based financing in fragile and conflict-affected settings: what are the opportunities and challenges?

11. Establishing a responsive and equitable health workforce post conflict and post crisis: lessons from ReBUILD research