Tag: State building

Do health systems contribute to reduced fragility and state-building during and after crises?

This ReBUILD brief discusses the associations between health systems and state-building and the empirical evidence in this area.

Health systems during and after crisis: evidence for better policy and practice

This series of ReBUILD briefing papers addresses some key questions related to health systems strengthening in settings affected by conflict or crisis.

Health Systems in Situations of Fragility

Presentation given by Professor Sophie Witter on 17th May 2018 for the American University of Beirut Global Health Institute’s Webinar series: “Global Health and Conflict”. This webinar theme: Health Systems in Situations of Fragility.

State-building and human resources for health in fragile and conflict-affected states: exploring the linkages

Whilst human resources for health are self-evidently critical to running a health service and system, this paper explores a broader issue of the contribution which health staff might play in relation to the wider state-building processes.