Images: Ashim Shrestha, 2019 (left) & Maruf Hasan IRC (right)


ReBUILD for Resilience research projects

Responsive Fund round one – COVID-19

Four research projects involving all consortium partners:


  • Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19 in a federalised context: a case study of health workforce management at sub-national level in Nepal
  • Community and health system stressors and coping mechanisms during COVID 19: case study from Myanmar
  • The gendered experience of close to community providers in fragile and shock-prone settings: implications for policy and practice during and post COVID-19
  • Health system resilience amid outbreaks: understanding the politics of sexual and reproductive health service adaptation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

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Cross-country learning on health system resilience

Bringing together findings from different projects can provide more understanding of contextual influences and broader cross-country learning about effective approaches. This synthesis of OPM findings will focus on the role of community health workers (CHWs) in COVID-19 and on governance for health system responses to emergencies


The CHW synthesis will examine CHWs’ experiences and roles during COVID-19, the effects of COVID-19 on their routine service delivery, challenges experienced and support provided. The governance synthesis will focus on the effectiveness of coordination structures and cross-sector partnerships for emergency response.


More on this project here.

"ReBUILD for Resilience brings together partners to share experiences, to discuss our contexts, and to create an appropriate model that helps build resilience in health systems across the country and beyond"

Sushil Baral, HERD International