Introducing ReBUILD for Resilience’s partner organisations

The ReBUILD for Resilience team is made up of key local and national stakeholders who are deeply embedded in networks and communities of practice in their countries, regions and on the global stage. Together the consortium has expertise in many aspects of health research including: public health, epidemiology, social sciences, health economics, political science, research methodologies, gender and equity analysis, research uptake, capacity strengthening and programme management.

The ReBUILD for Resilience partners are:

The team members have been selected for their research excellence and also the strength and depth of local networks. They are well placed to study countries and regions with a range of fragile and shock-prone settings such as: complex emergencies and protracted crises; settings with more chronic risks from environmental change; areas with active conflict; those in a post-conflict rebuilding phase; and those facing acute shocks such as epidemics and political/economic change.

"Evidence matters a lot and we need more evidence that is contextually tailored and can be used by the policy makers in our context"

Sushil Baral, HERD International