Tag: UHC

How to Integrate Political Economy into Technical Reform Processes Oriented towards UHC

Two presentations and a Q&A session on the political economy of health financing reforms towards UHC

COVID-19 and fragile settings – UHC2030 International Health Partnership Policy Brief

A UHC2030 report from December 2020 on health priorities for COVID-19 response and recovery in fragile settings

Employment based health financing does not support gender equity in universal health coverage

This paper argues that health financing and entitlement systems linked to employment can actually disadvantage women and explores how that happens

How to move towards universal health coverage in crisis-affected settings: lessons from research

This policy brief reviews the meaning of universal health coverage (UHC) and summarises lessons for achieving UHC in crisis-affected settings.

Leaving no one behind; how can evidence-based approaches support progress towards UHC and global health goals during conflict and protracted crises?

This briefing paper has been produced ahead of an organised session at HSR2018, outlining the background context of health service delivery in conflict and protracted crises, current developments and initiatives to improve coordination and approaches to support both humanitarian and development objectives, and the challenges and issues for the use of evidence to support these efforts.

Desk review of purchasing arrangements for public health services in Zimbabwe

2013 ReBUILD literature review on healthcare purchasing arrangements between government & (i) local government & (ii) private providers in Zimbabwe.