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Close-to-community providers, gender and COVID-19 webinar

Video recording of the webinar ‘Close-to-community providers in fragile settings and vulnerable communities during crisis: Gender and COVID-19’

The gendered experience of close-to-community providers in Sierra Leone

This brief explores the roles of close-to-community health care providers in Sierra Leone and their gendered experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic

Health system resilience during COVID-19: understanding sexual and reproductive health service adaptation in North Kivu

This report examines the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on sexual and reproductive health services in North Kivu, DRC

Maintains programme: Research supporting social services’ adaptation to external shocks

A summary of the Maintains programme (2018-21) and its outputs: research supporting social services’ adaptation to external shocks

Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19

A presentation from HERD International on understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19: a case study of COVID-19 policy response and health workforce management in Nepal

The comparative agility of the community health worker cadre in fragile & conflict-affected contexts

Presentation on ReBUILD’s research into the agility of community health worker cadres in four fragile settings during Covid-19

COVID-19 and fragile settings – UHC2030 International Health Partnership Policy Brief

A UHC2030 report from December 2020 on health priorities for COVID-19 response and recovery in fragile settings

Reflections from fragile and conflict-affected settings

Presentation from Professor Sophie Witter at the ‘Health financing priorities in the time of Covid-19?’ session at the Institute of Development Studies in October 2020

Resilience and inclusion in health (emergency and longer-term approaches with reference to COVID-19)

A UNHCR webinar on refugees’ inclusion in health systems and health system strengthening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Features Professor Sophie Witter.

Responsive Fund round one – COVID-19

Covid-19 responsive fund projects in Myanmar, Nepal, Lebanon & Sierra Leone – from ReBUILD for Resilience health system research programme

Health Systems Resilience

ReBUILD and health systems resilience – about the research programme, predecessor of ReBUILD for Resilience


The networks, groups and coalitions that ReBUILD for Resilience works with

Principles of Health Systems Resilience in the Context of COVID-19 Response

A research brief which outlines the key principles for promoting resilient health systems in the face of the challenge of Covid-19