Resilience and inclusion in health (emergency and longer-term approaches with reference to COVID-19)

The UNHCR 2030 Agenda laid out ambitious goals to promote the health and wellbeing of all populations, including the scale-up of universal health coverage and a commitment to meeting the needs of marginalised, vulnerable, and often excluded populations.

Many states are struggling to meet the healthcare needs of populations on their territory in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and urgently need financial and technical support. Refugee-hosting countries can benefit from inclusive approaches to healthcare and other national services that bring humanitarian and development funds, multi-year planning and strategies in support of immediate and longer term goals.

In this session, panel members – including ReBUILD for Resilience’s Professor Sophie Witter – shared reflections on approaches to inclusion in national health systems and strengthening health systems from national and subnational perspectives, a refugee perspective, and that of a key development actor. The presentations were followed by a moderated discussion.

Professor Witter’s presentation begins at 43.12mins.

This recording features both signing and subtitling.

More on the session on the UNHCR website.