Tag: Refugees and IDP

Evolution and lessons from an integrated service delivery network in North West Syria

Paper on an evaluation of an integrated service delivery network in North West Syria – conducted for the World Health Organization and supported by ReBUILD for Resilience

Social and cultural conditions affecting the mental health of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian adolescents living in and around Bar Elias, Lebanon

Study explores adolescent mental health and the intersections between Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians in the town of Bar Elias, Lebanon

Evaluation of the Harim Network in Northwest Syria

Evaluation of the Harim Integrated Services Network in Northwest Syria which aims to integrate health facility operations & ensure coordinated care

Policies on return and reintegration of displaced healthcare workers towards rebuilding conflict-affected health systems: a review for The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria

Paper looks at specific policies and information focused on the repatriation and reintegration of health care workers to their home country in the post-conflict period

Leave no one behind: ensuring access to COVID-19 vaccines for refugee and displaced populations

Paper looks at internally-displaced persons and refugees in LMICs with poor access to COVID-19 vaccines and considers the impact on and behaviours of those seeking immunisation

When Refugees Care for Refugees in Lebanon: Providing Contextually Appropriate Care from the Ground Up

Paper examines how Syrian refugees’ clinical encounters characterised by shared histories of displacement in Lebanon can inform humanitarian medicine

Exploring approaches for complementary private sector engagement in the health sector in Northern Syria

Research in Northern Syria exploring more sustainable and long-term approaches to health service provision which engage the private sector – from ReBUILD for Resilience

Twitter chat on displaced people, conflict & health systems

Read some of the tweeted highlights of this twitter chat on health systems, conflict & displaced people

Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers

Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers in Lebanon – how to improve employees’ experiences of work and boost their well-being, motivation & productivity (Arabic & English versions)

Resilience and inclusion in health (emergency and longer-term approaches with reference to COVID-19)

A UNHCR webinar on refugees’ inclusion in health systems and health system strengthening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Features Professor Sophie Witter.

Responsive Fund round one – COVID-19

Covid-19 responsive fund projects in Myanmar, Nepal, Lebanon & Sierra Leone – from ReBUILD for Resilience health system research programme