Health Workers – a film

‘Health Workers’ is a film that chronicles the journey of five female health workers who challenge ingrained social norms after relocating from Syria to Lebanon, where they unexpectedly become the sole breadwinners for their families.

Contrary to their upbringing where women stay at home, these protagonists navigate the demanding informal health sector and a hostile environment while juggling their domestic responsibilities. The film intimately explores the diverse aspects of their lives, highlighting the strength and resilience that emerge from their newfound roles. ‘Health Workers’ is a poignant celebration of these women’s courage, determination, and the transformative impact of breaking free from societal expectations, offering an inspiring narrative of empowerment in the face of adversity.

This film is in Arabic with English subtitles. Produced by Seerealism.


Further information

This film was commissioned by ReBUILD’s American University of Beirut team. It stems from research conducted with female Syrian, refugee health workers in Lebanon during the study Close-to-community providers addressing gender norms and power dynamics: participatory action research in fragile and shock-prone settings.