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Claiming local decision space: the Municipal Health Committee in Majdal Anjar

In this AUB video, the ReBUILD for Resilience team in Lebanon present on the claiming local decision space: the Municipal Health Committee in Majdal Anjar

Health Workers – a film

‘Health Workers’ is a film that chronicles the journey of five female health workers who challenge ingrained social norms after relocating from Syria to Lebanon, where they unexpectedly become the sole breadwinners for their families.

Promoting evidence-based planning by enhancing stakeholders’ understanding of local evidence

A ReBUILD case study on capacity strengthening to encourage evidence-based decision making at the municipal level in Kapilvastu, Nepal

Building understanding of health system resilience in our Nepal learning site – a case study

A case study of HERD International’s early work at our learning site in Lumbini province, Nepal

Sharing experiential learning from health policy and system research learning sites in diverse settings

Panel discussion reflects on the meaning and practice of ‘learning sites’ to advance health policy and systems research and its application for system strengthening

Understanding and developing a resilient health system in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon

Research on understanding and developing a resilient health system at a learning site in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon

Working with community leaders to address shocks, increase inclusivity, accountability and trust, and support health system resilience in Sierra Leone

Research on how community leaders have been engaged in Sierra Leone – co-creation and testing of approaches to support and improve engagement, to promote accountability and trust