Category: Refugees/humanitarian settings

The interplay of gender and other vulnerabilities: A participatory action research with informal Syrian close-to-community health care providers in Lebanon

In this AUB video, the ReBUILD for Resilience team in Lebanon present on the gendered experiences of close-to-community health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Forced migration and health systems: a proposal for a new approach

Fouad Fouad speaks on Forced migration and health systems: a proposal for a new approach

Health System Resilience in Northern Syria: Reflections from ReBUILD for Resilience Projects

In this video Ibrahim Bou-Orm presents a synthetic analysis of health system resilience in Northern Syria through reflections from many ReBUILD research studies conducted in this fragile setting

Dissemination event – Exploring approaches for complementary private sector engagement in the health sector in Northern Syria

Video of a stakeholder dissemination event held in Gaziantep for the study ‘Exploring approaches for complementary private sector engagement in the health sector in Northern Syria’

Evolution and lessons from an integrated service delivery network in North West Syria

Paper on an evaluation of an integrated service delivery network in North West Syria – conducted for the World Health Organization and supported by ReBUILD for Resilience

Social and cultural conditions affecting the mental health of Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian adolescents living in and around Bar Elias, Lebanon

Study explores adolescent mental health and the intersections between Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians in the town of Bar Elias, Lebanon

Sustaining health system resilience in extreme circumstances: insights from key informant interviews with UNRWA staff across Gaza and Lebanon during the COVID-19 pandemic

Video from Giulia Loffreda on what sustains health system resilience and how effective and equitable UNRWA service delivery was during COVID-19 in Gaza and Lebanon

Policies on return and reintegration of displaced healthcare workers towards rebuilding conflict-affected health systems: a review for The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria

Paper looks at specific policies and information focused on the repatriation and reintegration of health care workers to their home country in the post-conflict period

Leave no one behind: ensuring access to COVID-19 vaccines for refugee and displaced populations

Paper looks at internally-displaced persons and refugees in LMICs with poor access to COVID-19 vaccines and considers the impact on and behaviours of those seeking immunisation

When Refugees Care for Refugees in Lebanon: Providing Contextually Appropriate Care from the Ground Up

Paper examines how Syrian refugees’ clinical encounters characterised by shared histories of displacement in Lebanon can inform humanitarian medicine

Twitter chat on displaced people, conflict & health systems

Read some of the tweeted highlights of this twitter chat on health systems, conflict & displaced people

Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers

Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers in Lebanon – how to improve employees’ experiences of work and boost their well-being, motivation & productivity (Arabic & English versions)

Resilience and inclusion in health (emergency and longer-term approaches with reference to COVID-19)

A UNHCR webinar on refugees’ inclusion in health systems and health system strengthening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Features Professor Sophie Witter.

The Impact of Leaving Camps on Well‐being of Internally Displaced Persons in Northern Uganda

Paper that explores the estimated changes in internally displaced persons’ well‐being having left transit camps in 2006 following armed conflict in Northern Uganda.

Flexibility of deployment: challenges and policy options for retaining health workers during crisis in Zimbabwe

ReBUILD study looking at the implementation of health worker deployment policies in Zimbabwe before, during and after the 1997-2008 crisis

Les systèmes de santé pendant et après une crise : éléments probants en faveur de meilleures politiques et pratiques

Cette série de documents de synthèse, fruit des recherches menées par ReBUILD, aborde un nombre de questions clés concernant le renforcement des systèmes de santé dans les contextes affectés par un conflit ou une crise.

Responding to humanitarian crises in ways that strengthen longer-term health systems: What do we know?

ReBUILD briefing paper summarising knowledge on responding to humanitarian crises in ways that strengthen longer-term health systems

Webinar – Performance-based financing in fragile and conflict-affected settings: from research to practice

Recording of a webinar on the impact of PBF research on practice in fragile and conflict-affected settings

Leaving no one behind; how can evidence-based approaches support progress towards UHC and global health goals during conflict and protracted crises?

This briefing paper has been produced ahead of an organised session at HSR2018, outlining the background context of health service delivery in conflict and protracted crises, current developments and initiatives to improve coordination and approaches to support both humanitarian and development objectives, and the challenges and issues for the use of evidence to support these efforts.

Aid effectiveness and health systems development in post-conflict northern Uganda

Freddie Ssengooba of ReBUILD talks about the consortium’s work on aid effectiveness and health systems development in post-conflict northern Uganda

UHC in Emergencies – ReBUILD presentation at the 2018 World Health Assembly

Video of Tim Martineau of the ReBUILD Consortium speaking at a session on UHC in emergencies at the 2018 World Health Assembly

Performance-based financing in three humanitarian settings: principles and pragmatism

A paper from ReBUILD’s study exploring how performance-based financing emerged and was adapted in three humanitarian settings.

Organizational Infrastructure for Service Delivery: A Case Study of Post-conflict Northern Uganda

ReBUILD poster presented at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town 2014: Study of the multitude of non-state agencies involvement in the health system, in post-conflict Northern Uganda

Joint submission to APPG-Africa Inquiry into Community-led health systems and the Ebola outbreak

ReBUILD, together with the REACHOUT and COUNTDOWN RPC, produced this joint submission of evidence in response to a call from the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Africa’s Inquiry on community-led health systems and the Ebola outbreak.