Recommendations for supervisors of female health workers

The number of women employed in the health workforce in Lebanon is growing year on year. Our research revealed that men and women experience this work differently, with women also enduring the triple burden of family duties, job responsibilities and societal pressures. This brief was produced to help directors, coordinators and supervisors of female health employees understand these pressures and help them to improve female employees’ experiences of work and consequently boost their well-being, motivation and productivity.

The recommendations for supervisors were derived from work by the American University of Beirut team into the gendered experience of close-to-community providers in Lebanon during and post COVID-19. More on that project and its outputs here.

Download an English language version of the brief here.

An Arabic language version is available here.


Image: The IRC provides emergency cash relief to vulnerable people in Lebanon, and has launched an emergency response in Beirut. Photo: IRC