From concept to reality: challenges of decentralising healthcare governance in Lebanon

Subtitles are available on this video (press ‘play’ and then ‘cc’ at the bottom of the window).

In this video, Rouham Yamout of American University of Beirut speaks on the challenges of supporting the creation of a Municipal Health Committee in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon.

Decentralization in healthcare systems involves shifting decision-making authority and resources to local levels. This shift logically results in quicker responses tailored to community needs, enhancing resilience in critical situations. Decentralization is particularly beneficial in times of state collapse and crisis disruptions. Considering this, the Lebanon team, through community-based research action during Learning Site activities, supported establishing a new healthcare governance model with elements of decentralization managed by the Majdal Anjar Municipal Health Committee (MHC). This committee includes elected Municipal Board members for local authority representation and local stakeholders for technical expertise.

There’s more on this study here.