Tag: Resilience

Navigating turbulence: an analysis of Lebanon’s healthcare system resilience during a multi-crisis situation

Fouad Fouad presents an assessment of Lebanon’s healthcare system’s ability to adapt to and withstand various challenges since 2019

From concept to reality: challenges of decentralising healthcare governance in Lebanon

Rouham Yamout speaks on the challenges of supporting the decentralising healthcare via the creation of a Municipal Health Committee in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon.

Health System Resilience in Northern Syria: Reflections from ReBUILD for Resilience Projects

In this video Ibrahim Bou-Orm presents a synthetic analysis of health system resilience in Northern Syria through reflections from many ReBUILD research studies conducted in this fragile setting

Health system resilience: a critical review and reconceptualisation

Paper examines the state of the health system resilience field, including current thinking on definitions, conceptualisation, critiques, measurement, and capabilities.

Building understanding of health system resilience in our Nepal learning site – a case study

A case study of HERD International’s early work at our learning site in Lumbini province, Nepal