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Health sector policy responses for human resources for health during COVID-19

Case study looking at the impact of COVID-19 and federalisation on Nepal’s health system, how individual health workers adapted, and the policies enacted to support them

Poster on health sector policy responses and health workforce management during COVID-19 in Nepal

Poster on health sector policy response and workforce management in Nepal during COVID-19

Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19

A presentation from HERD International on understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19: a case study of COVID-19 policy response and health workforce management in Nepal

The bumpy trajectory of performance-based financing in Sierra Leone: agency, structure and frames shaping the policy process

Presentation given by Maria Paula Bertone at the 5th Global Symposium on Health Systems Reseach in Liverpool on Wednesday 10th October 2018.

Leaving no one behind; how can evidence-based approaches support progress towards UHC and global health goals during conflict and protracted crises?

This briefing paper has been produced ahead of an organised session at HSR2018, outlining the background context of health service delivery in conflict and protracted crises, current developments and initiatives to improve coordination and approaches to support both humanitarian and development objectives, and the challenges and issues for the use of evidence to support these efforts.

Health worker deployment policies in conflict-affected northern Uganda

Richard Mangwi Ayiasi of ReBUILD talks about health worker deployment policies in conflict-affected northern Uganda

Internal contracting of health services in Cambodia: drivers for change and lessons learned after a decade of external contracting

ReBUILD paper on health contracting models in Cambodia since 2009. Includes lessons on the Special Operating Agencies model of contracting.

The gendered health workforce: mixed methods analysis from four fragile and post-conflict contexts

A paper from ReBUILD exploring the gendered experiences of health workers in fragile and post-conflict states

Resilience of health systems during and after crises – what does it mean and how can it be enhanced?

This policy brief summarises different aspects of health system resilience, its measurement, and strategies for enhancing resilience during and after crises.

The challenges and opportunities of conducting ethical and trustworthy qualitative research in health systems in post-conflict and fragile contexts: Reflections from a learning community

ReBUILD poster presented at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town 2014: A qualitative study exploring how to strengthen policy and practice related to health financing and human resource management in post conflict and fragile contexts

Mobility of health staff during conflict and post-conflict situations in a decentralized system, a case study of Northern Uganda

ReBUILD Poster presented at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town 2014: Study to understand how the policy of recruitment and deployment under decentralization was implemented and its impact on mobility of health workers over the conflict and post-conflict periods

Exploring the influence of context and policy on health district productivity in Cambodia

Despite gains in life expectancy and increased health expenditure, Cambodia still lags behind neighbours in many health indicators. This article aims to understand variations in efficiency of public health services, and the extent to which changes in efficiency are associated with key health policies that have been introduced to strengthen access to health services over the past decade.

Exploring the remuneration of primary healthcare workers: findings on incomes and income use strategies in Sierra Leone. What lessons can be learnt to design effective financial incentives?

This policy brief describes ReBUILD research to explore all of the financial incentives that make up health workers’ remuneration in Sierra Leone

Understanding contracting in Cambodia: findings from interviews with key informants and health service managers and providers

This research report describes findings from the qualitative component of ReBUILD’s research into health contracting in Cambodia Over the last two decades, Cambodia has implemented several policy initiatives and interventions to improve health service delivery. The contracting of services in the health sector has been happening since the late 1990s. Since 2009, an internal contracting… Read more

Understanding Contracting in Cambodia The performance of contracting and non-contracting districts in extending primary health coverage: analysis of secondary data

This research report describes findings from the quantitative component of ReBUILD’s research into health contracting in Cambodia.

Research to inform health systems development – An overview of the ReBUILD RPC in Cambodia

This 2015 brief gives a brief outline of the range of ReBUILD’s research in Cambodia, and some of the emerging key findings.

Joint submission to APPG-Africa Inquiry into Community-led health systems and the Ebola outbreak

ReBUILD, together with the REACHOUT and COUNTDOWN RPC, produced this joint submission of evidence in response to a call from the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Africa’s Inquiry on community-led health systems and the Ebola outbreak.

Desk Review of institutional arrangements for health financing in Zimbabwe

Report of a ReBUILD desk study to describe the organizational, institutional & governance aspects of health financing in Zimbabwe.

Desk review of purchasing arrangements for public health services in Zimbabwe

2013 ReBUILD literature review on healthcare purchasing arrangements between government & (i) local government & (ii) private providers in Zimbabwe.

Health worker incentives: stakeholder mapping report (Sierra Leone)

Report of a Sierra Leone stakeholder mapping exercise from 2012 to understand the actors who influence policy and practices in human resources for health

Health Systems in post conflict settings

2015 presentation entitled ‘Current work of ReBUILD: Research for Building pro-poor health systems in the aftermath of conflict’

Health worker incentives during and after the conflict in Northern Uganda: A document review

This 2014 ReBUILD study examines the evolution of government and donor policies supporting health workers during and after conflict in Uganda

Policies to attract and retain health workers in Northern Uganda during and after conflict: findings of key informant interviews

A 2014 ReBUILD report on policies to attract and retain health workers in Northern Uganda during and after conflict

The development of HRH policy in Sierra Leone, 2002-2012 – a document review

This ReBUILD document review summarises the human resources for health context in Sierra Leone in 2013 and post-conflict policies introduced

The development of HRH policy in Sierra Leone, 2002-2012 – report on key informant interviews

A ReBUILD consortium report on the he development of humna resources for health policy in Sierra Leone, 2002-2012