The development of HRH policy in Sierra Leone, 2002-2012 – a document review

Authors: Maria Paola Bertone, Joseph Edem-Hotah, Mohamed H Samai, Sophie Witter

November 2013

Introduction and objectives
This document presents the findings of the document review, one of the components of ReBUILD Project 2 focusing on Human Resources for Health (HRH). The objective of this review was to describe the HRH context in Sierra Leone and the HRH policies that were introduced during the post-conflict period. We aimed to understand the reasons for their introduction, how they were implemented, and what effects any policy changes had. The document review served to guide future work of the ReBUILD team in Sierra Leone. In addition, it provided clues on how and why certain HRH policies were developed and implemented in the post-conflict environment as well as evaluating their effects on the country’s HRH and health policy objectives.

Read the full review: The development of HRH policy in Sierra Leone, 2002 2012 a document review