Health worker incentives: stakeholder mapping report (Sierra Leone)

This is a report of a stakeholder mapping exercise which took place in Freetown on 11th October 2012, in support of ReBUILD’s work to understand the key actors who influenced policy and practices in human resources for health in Sierra Leone over the post-conflict period.

The session had three main purposes:

  1. To contribute to our understanding of the drivers of HR policy and practice over the period of 2000-2012 (and perceptions of these drivers by key players)
  2. To identify individuals to contact with whom to conduct more in-depth interviews as part of the research process
  3. To help ReBUILD to target research messages effectively

Participants included key individuals within the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), regulatory bodies, public autonomous bodies involved in the human resource field, training institutions, development partners, NGOs and district medical officers etc. The meeting focused on national-level participants as this was believed to be the main locus for decision-making on human resources policies.

The full report of this stakeholder mapping activity can be downloaded here.