ReBUILD cross cutting and synthesis non peer-reviewed outputs

Synthesis and cross-country non-peer-reviewed outputs

NB This project is the precursor of ReBUILD for Resilience

Overview briefs:

Summary briefs from ReBUILD’s phase 1 research:

Health systems during and after crisis: evidence for better policy and practice

Key issues – evidence briefs:

French versions of key issues briefs:

Other synthesis or multi-country briefs:

Gender – synthesis and cross-country non-peer-reviewed outputs (written):

Resilience, UHC, health workforce, humanitarian-development and transition: 

Psychosocial support and service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings: Multi-country and synthesis non-peer-reviewed outputs:


Videos: (YouTube – opens in a new window)

Key issue and voices of communities, health workers and decision-makers: 

Health systems in post-conflict settings – key issue animations

Health systems in FCAS – cross-cutting issues videos: