Country Situation Analysis Uganda

Despite efforts to improve the health system in post conflict Northern Uganda, policy makers, donors and programme managers lack comprehensive and up-to-date information. This includes information on the health of the population, major stakeholders, as well as current research gaps and agendas that could inform policy over time.

The need to address this is particularly important as policy decisions taken in the early stages of recovery should be carefully balanced between immediate humanitarian needs and longer term development. Although several studies have been carried out, the majority have focused on conflict resolution, management and resettlement rather than the health system (NRC & IDMC, 2010; Kindi, 2010; USAID, 2010; Berg, 2011). It was therefore imperative for the ReBUILD project to conduct an analysis of the current situation.

The specific objectives of the Country Situation Analysis (CSA) were:

  • To assist with the prioritisation of research questions in each context, by establishing current actors, agendas and gaps
  • To provide information to help position research in the most effective way possible
  • To allow for tracking of research impact overtime.


Read the full report: Country Situation Analysis: Uganda