Health workers stand around a man putting a syringe into a machine

Motivation at the heart of healthcare: Reflections from an embedded researcher in a learning site

Sep 12, 2023

Blog post from Suprich Sapkota of HERD International on the motivation of healthcare workers in the learning site in Kapilvastu Municipality, Nepal

Cover of the report 'Reimagining the future of global health initiatives'

What could global health initiatives look like?

Aug 29, 2023

Report from an FGHI webinar on the launch of a new report and the future of global health initiatives

A smiling Burmese woman stands pointing to post-its on a wall while speaking into a microphone

Early Career Researcher spotlight – Thazin La

Aug 22, 2023

A spotlight on Thazin La, an early career researcher from Burnet Institute Myanmar

A complex diagram showing WHO health system building blocks and recommendations 0 the full text is available in a Word doc

How can we make health systems in Pakistan more climate resilient?

Jul 31, 2023

Blog post from Oxford Policy Management on a climate resilient health systems scoping study in Pakistan

A group of 8 smiling Ethiopian men and women stand apart from each other in a large room

Unveiling new perspectives in public health emergency management: integrating gender equality and social inclusion in vulnerability risk mapping and emergency planning

Jul 25, 2023

How gender equality and social inclusion were considered in Public Health in Emergency Management in OPM’s Building Resilience in Ethiopia programme

A Nepali man in black stands with his arm raised to some in the distance while a group of female health workers stand around a camera on a tripod

A rollercoaster ride of film making for female community health volunteers

Jul 20, 2023

Sukata Karki of HERD International talks about the team’s experience working with female community health volunteers on the production of a video about their lives

A standing woman in green talking to a group of men and women seated around a diagram they are drawing

Early Career Researcher spotlight – Shophika Regmi

Jul 18, 2023

Meet Shophika Regmi – an early career researcher from HERD International, Nepal

A group of smiling men and women outside a wooded area

My unforgettable experience: Research Administration Management Programme training in Kenya

Jul 13, 2023

Talib Deen of ReBUILD reflects on his experience of the Research Administration Management Programme (RAMP) training and its impact on his professional development

A European woman with long dark hair standing next to a poster

Early Career Researcher spotlight – Giulia Loffreda

Jun 15, 2023

Meet Giulia Loffreda – an early career researcher from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Two standing, smiling women - one is Nepali and wears a very large tassled hat, the other a headscarf and a red stripe down the middle of her forehead

Early Career Researcher spotlight – Wesam Mansour

May 24, 2023

Spotlight on Wesam Mansour – an Early Career Researcher at ReBUILD for Resilience

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