New podcast series launched

14 May 2024

ReBUILD for Resilience is very proud to launch a great new podcast series on resilience in health systems. ‘Stories of Resilience – Local Lives and Health Systems’ examines a different resilience-related topic each episode, with a particular focus on fragile and shock-prone settings. The series will feature ReBUILD team members as well as special invited guests to talk about the themes which are current in the field. Topics for discussion in future episodes will include:

  • health workforce in times of crisis,
  • health financing during crisis,
  • migration, displacement and health systems, and
  • the role of non-state actors and informal providers in fragile and shock-prone settings.

Each episode will be hosted by Dr Kim Ozano and produced by The SCL Agency [opens new tab] as part of their Connecting Citizens to Science series.


Inaugural episode

The first podcast – ‘Revisiting resilience in health systems research’ – has just been released. Kim spoke to ReBUILD’s Professor Sophie Witter and Dr Sushil Baral alongside special guest Dr Seye Abimbola from the University of Sydney in Australia who shared their experiences and reflections on building resilience in health systems. The discussion navigated the complexities of resilience as a concept, emphasising the importance of community engagement, co-creation, and adopting a learning approach to health systems strengthening. The panel explored the balance between self-reliance and demanding accountability from government systems, addressing power dynamics and the necessity of a fair distribution of responsibilities across levels of governance.  Listen to that episode and read more about the speakers here.