A blood-stained stretcher in the back of an ambulance

Why the focus on health system resilience? Isn’t it the shocks we should be addressing?

Dec 7, 2023

Dr Karin Diaconu of Queen Margaret University reflects on the study of health system resilience and questions its purpose when the health system itself and the population it serves are under existential threat.

Two Muslim women stand talking to a seated woman in a medical examination room with pink, kids curtains

Victims of a broken system: a Syrian refugee family’s struggle for healthcare in Lebanon

Dec 5, 2023

The plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon who require healthcare is explored in this edit of a 2016 article

A Syrian man stands talking in a medical examination room

A Tale of Two Clinics

Dec 5, 2023

Blog post on the contrasting formal and informal clinics available in Beqaa, Lebanon and how they serve the local communities

A group of six standing, smiling women wearing headscarves

Interview with a member of Beqaa’s Working Women group

Nov 14, 2023

Interview with a member of the Working Women group in Beqaa, Lebanon, talking about her life, her hopes for the future, and plans to spread Working Women to other towns and villages in the area

A group of smiling women, most of whom are wearing headscarves

Women, mothers, wives, refugees, health workers, activists: the roles of close-to-community health workers in Lebanon

Nov 8, 2023

Life is difficult for female Syrian close-to-community healthcare workers in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon, so to help alleviate their double burden they have set up Working Women.

Four women and a man stand around a sheet of flipchart paper - 2 of the women are pointing to it

Navigating health system resilience research, some emerging themes from our annual meeting

Oct 31, 2023

Blog post reflecting on ReBUILD’s annual meeting, the themes that arose in the teams’ presentations, and how they are playing out in our work in multiple contexts.

Two older men outside a building while a younger man in yellow jillet crouches to soeak to one

Analysing mental health and psychosocial support service provision in conflict-affected Northwest Syria: lessons for donors

Oct 12, 2023

Blog post in which Dr Ibrahim Bou-Orm talks about the findings of his team’s study into mental health and psychosocial support services in Northwest Syria

Two Muslim women stand talking to a seated woman in a medical examination room with pink, kids curtains

ReBUILD’s visit to Majdal Anjar

Oct 3, 2023

Report from the first week of ReBUILD’s trip to Lebanon, with a focus on Majdal Anjar and its Municipal Health Committee

Health workers stand around a man putting a syringe into a machine

Motivation at the heart of healthcare: Reflections from an embedded researcher in a learning site

Sep 12, 2023

Blog post from Suprich Sapkota of HERD International on the motivation of healthcare workers in the learning site in Kapilvastu Municipality, Nepal

Cover of the report 'Reimagining the future of global health initiatives'

What could global health initiatives look like?

Aug 29, 2023

Report from an FGHI webinar on the launch of a new report and the future of global health initiatives

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