People standing in a large room listening to a standing masked woman speak into a microphone

The politics of health

Nov 24, 2022

Reflections on politics as represented in the sessions at Health Systems Research 2022 symposium

Advert for the webinar featuring black and white photos of women carrying water ctonaers through a flood and headshots of 6 speakers

Webinar: Disaster-Resilient Public Financial Management

Nov 4, 2022

Measures to make public financial management systems more disaster-resilient and implications for the health sector.

Men and women from Sierra Leone sit around a desk discussing a plan

Engaging community leaders through participatory action research: leading communities to take charge of resolving their problems

Oct 20, 2022

Discusses the importance of participatory action research and engagement with key community stakeholders, and reflect on its effectiveness in battling health emergencies, and building stronger health systems.

A row of smiling, standing women and a few men outside a health centre. Many of the women are wearing blue saris

Why travel when we can meet online?

Oct 13, 2022

Could consortia such as ReBUILD for Resilience operate virtually? This blog post argues that so much understanding and appreciation would be lost if we no longer met face-to-face.

The HSR 2022 logo

ReBUILD for Resilience at the HSR2022 Symposium

Oct 12, 2022

Join ReBUILD for Resilience’s organised panels, oral presentations and posters at HSR2022 in Bogota, Colombia

A row of standing smiling women and men outside a health facility - some of the women are wearing red saris

‘We did our best’ – Resilience in the local health system in response to COVID-19

Oct 5, 2022

ReBUILD staff report from Kapilvastu, Nepal on how the health system there coped with COVID-19 and what can be learned to create a more resilient system

Standing women wearing hijabs stand with their backs to the camera while they look at flipchart

“Together we do!” Establishing a female CTC providers’ support group

Sep 28, 2022

How a participatory action research workshop with female refugee close-to-community healthcare providers led to the formation of a support group for those women

A group of elderly African men and women sitting talking around a table

Lansana Kallon – an Emerging Voice

Sep 1, 2022

Lansana Kallon of COMAHS talks about being part of the Emerging Voices 4 Global Health programme and his future plans

A dark underpass with people in the middle distance

Refugees in Lebanon – problems and some solutions

Aug 5, 2022

Article on the challenges facing Syrian refugees in Lebanon, eg income, health care and child labour, and some potential solutions

Men and women sitting around a table, talking, with a complex diagram is projected onto the wall beside them

The translation of the resilience framework

Jun 16, 2022

Rouham Yamout of American University of Beirut talks about the challenges of using an English-language resilience framework within a community setting in Arabic-speaking Lebanon

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