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Understanding and strengthening local health governance and planning to build resilient local health systems that leave no one behind: Nepal

Study to understand and support building resilient health systems by strengthening the capacity of local government in health sector governance and planning

Understanding health system resilience to respond to COVID-19 in a federalised context

A report – Understanding Health System Resilience to Respond to COVID-19 in a Federalised Context: a case study of health workforce management at the sub-national level in Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic – by HERD International

Mobility of health staff during conflict and post-conflict situations in a decentralized system, a case study of Northern Uganda

ReBUILD Poster presented at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town 2014: Study to understand how the policy of recruitment and deployment under decentralization was implemented and its impact on mobility of health workers over the conflict and post-conflict periods