Understanding health worker incentives in three districts of Zimbabwe: survey report

Authors: Yotamu Chirwa, Wilson Mashange, Pamela Chandiwana, Malvern Munjoma, Mildred Pepukai, Stephen Buzuzi, Shungu Munyati and Sophie Witter
Working Paper No. 18.

The incentive environment for key human resources for health (HRH) cadres in Zimbabwe in the wake of the severe economic, social and political crisis iwas an area of immense importance for rebuilding the health system. This study’s main goal was to understand the post-crisis dynamics for HRH and ultimately how to reach and maintain incentives to support access to affordable, appropriate and equitable health services.

This report describes the findings from a cross-sectional survey of 227 health workers across three districts in Zimbabwe, to understand the incentive environment for key HRH cadres, their characteristics and the factors which motivated and demotivated them.

You an download the full report here.