Research on health worker policies, incentives and retention in post-conflict countries: an overview of ReBUILD work

These presentations were given at the 22nd Canadian Conference on Global Health, 5th November 2015, Montreal as part of a ReBUILD session entitled Evolution of policy and incentives for human resources for health post-conflict: learning from different contexts

Sophie Witter, Haja Wurie, Justine Namakula & Yotamu Chirwa

The session covered areas including:

  • Whether there is indeed a ‘window of opportunity’ for systemic reforms post-conflict
  • Whether there is a typical trajectory of HRH reforms post-conflict and how path-dependent these are
  • The relationship between policy and its implementation in these fragile, conflict-affected settings
  • How to protect health workers during and after conflicts and crises
  • How to retain and motivate staff, especially in remote areas

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