Stocktaking, reflection & perspectives on sustainable performance-based financing for UHC

This presentation from Maria Bertone of Queen Margaret University, UK outlines the findings from ReBUILD studies and a Cochrane review (a presentation of that study is here) undertaken by the team on performance-based financing (PBF) design, implementation and applicability in different settings.

This was one presentation of a series in the World Bank global results-based financing reflection workshops in February to March 2021.

Download a PDF of the presentation here.

Thoughts and reflections include:

• Some evidence that certain conditions of fragility may favour the rapid emergence of PBF

• Pragmatic adaptation of PBF to local context is important in FCAS/humanitarian settings for PBF to work

• What is the potential role of the World Bank in these settings, including advantages/disadvantages over (I)NGOs?

• What can be learnt for other (non-FCAS) settings, for design, implementation, applicability?

• Importance of context and of adapting PBF design and implementation to it

• In order to assess applicability and tailor PBF programmes, need to interrogate key aspects of the broader context and of the health system

The presentation includes questions on performance-based financing for a group discussion.

Download a PDF of the presentation here.

Image: Adaptations to performance-based financing in humanitarian settings