Key health and conflict related indicators in Liberia and Sri Lanka: background report

Niheer Dasandi, Anna Hanchar and Fiona Samuels (January 2015) ODI Research Report (London)

This background report is an output of ReBUILD’s Affiliate research partners, the Overseas Development Institute, and their project: Psychosocial support and service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings. The report looks at the broader impact of conflicts on health and the provision of health services in Liberia and Sri Lanka.

You can access and download this background report here.

The report was carried out to

  1. Provide an analysis of the broader context in Liberia and Sri Lanka with regard to the impact of the conflicts on health more generally, and on the provision of health services
  2. Consider whether the processes uncovered in the qualitative analysis are broadly-speaking in line with general trends in the regions considered. This will enable greater light to be shed on other factors that may be linked to the issues considered in the qualitative analysis (e.g. understanding general trends regarding how adolescent girls were impacted by the conflict).
  3. Analyse the financial landscape of the health systems in the two countries in order to ascertain the availability of funds to implement approaches that result from the study.