Category: Sexual & reproductive health

Health system resilience during COVID-19: understanding sexual and reproductive health service adaptation in North Kivu

This report examines the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on sexual and reproductive health services in North Kivu, DRC

Socio-cultural change in conflict and post conflict settings: five decades of giving birth in Cambodia

Research explores the changing experience of giving birth in Cambodia over 53 years of conflict, privation, invasion & civil unrest

‘Leaving no one behind’ presentation videos

Presentations recorded during the session ‘Leaving No One Behind – how can evidence-based approaches support progress towards UHC and global health goals during conflict and protracted crises?’, part of the Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in October 2018 in Liverpool.

The ReBUILD programme and emerging themes for health systems strengthening in post-conflict and post-crisis settings

This brief outlines the main themes on health systems in post-conflict and post-crisis settings which came from the first phase of the ReBUILD programme, and the range of research projects which gave rise to these findings and themes.

ReBUILD briefings addressing gender, vulnerable groups and intersectionality

ReBUILD briefing papers addressing issues around gender, vulnerable groups and intersectionality in health systems in a range of countries

Can positive inquiry strengthen obstetric referral systems in Cambodia?

This paper draws on ReBUILD’s Responsive Fund project “Obstetric Referral in the Cambodian Health System – What Works?” This project was conducted by the Nuffield Centre for International Health & Development, University of Leeds and Cambodian Development Research Institute.

Free health care for under-fives, expectant and recent mothers? Evaluating the impact of Sierra Leone’s free health care initiative

This paper reports the findings of a study evaluating the impact of Sierra Leone’s 2010 Free Health Care Initiative (FHCI). It uses two nationally representative surveys to identify the impact of the policy on utilisation of maternal care services by pregnant women and recent mothers as well as the impact on curative health care services and out-of-pocket payments for consultation and prescription in children under the age of 5 years.

Validation Workshop Report: Obstetric Referral in the Cambodian Health System – What Works?

A 2015 ReBUILD workshop report on research into obstetric referral in the Cambodian health system

Emergency Obstetric Referral in Cambodia: A Teaching Case study

A Case Study for District Referral Systems: Critical Emergency Referral in Cambodia

Maternal Healthcare in the Cambodian Health System: A Literature Review

ReBUILD’s 2014 literature review provides an overview of obstetric referral in the Cambodian health care system

Building on our Assets – What works in Cambodia’s obstetric referral system?

A brief outlining the ReBUILD Responsive Fund project on Access to obstetric care and referral in rural Cambodia, produced for the Cambodia Health Researchers’ Forum in November 2015.

A Case Study of Maternal Health Service Provision in OR Tambo District, Eastern Cape, in the Context of Chronic Poor Health Performance.

Case studies produced by Health Systems Resilience: A Systems Analysis – a ReBUILD affiliate research project applying a systems dynamics approach to understand, predict and identify mechanisms that influence the resilience of health systems in contexts of adversity.

The fallout of rape as a weapon of war

2014 ReBUILD report on emerging research findings on patterns & consequences of sexual violence in post-conflict settings, from communities in Liberia.

Key health and conflict related indicators in Liberia and Sri Lanka: background report

ReBUILD report from 2015 on the broader impact of conflicts on health & health service provision for adolescent girls in Liberia & Sri Lanka.

Adolescent psychosocial wellbeing in the post conflict context of Sri Lanka – Summary country report: stage 1

Phase 1 report of a 2015 ReBUILD study of post conflict mental & psychosocial health problems experienced by adolescent girls in Sri Lanka.

Mental health and psychosocial support service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings, a culturally sensitive response

Report of 2nd stage of a 2015 ReBUILD study of mental & psychosocial problems & health sevices for adolescent girls in post conflict Sri Lanka.