Attraction and retention of Health Workers in Northern Uganda: Implications for faster reconstruction and Universal Coverage?

This brief outlines findings and recommendations from ReBUILD’s research on health worker incentives research in post-conflict northern Uganda, in support of universal health coverage.

You can download this brief here.

For post conflict areas, the workforce is vital to the reconstruction of the health systems. Our study found that attraction and retention of the workforce is vital for this reconstruction to become effective. Among other factors, incentives need to be crafted and applied to encourage the working in conflict zones. The study recommends that policies and guidelines should ensure the provision of appropriate incentive package for the motivation of health workers to work and stay in conflict-affected areas. The package should include financial and non- financial incentives such as; continued hard to reach allowance and adequate and regular salaries in line with promotion levels; facilitation of access to good schools for health workers’ children, adequate housing and also recognition of the sacrifices to serve in conflict affected areas.