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The Health Workforce in Times of Crisis – podcast

A podcast from ReBUILD for resilience – ‘The Health Workforce in Times of Crisis’. Part of the ‘Stories of Resilience – Local Lives and Health Systems’ series.

The Tragedy of War: partnerships and strategies to deliver essential health care to vulnerable Yemeni children and babies

A video lecture by Professor Najla Al-Sonboli which explores the challenges of delivering health services in challenging environments and illustrates how solidarity and support can make a difference.

No health without peace: Health justice in armed conflict settings – webinar

Video of a webinar on ‘No health without peace: Health justice in armed conflict settings’ featuring Najal Al-Sonboli, Khine Wai Wai Oo, Mohammed Abdalgadir, Mohammed Alkhaldi, Fouad Fouad and Egbert Sondorp

Responsive Fund round two

Responsive fund projects in Yemen, Nepal, Lebanon, Cameroon & Sierra Leone – from ReBUILD for Resilience health system research programme

Mapping the resilience capacities and coping mechanisms of health workers and other cadres in hospital emergency departments in Sana’a during protracted conflict and crisis in Yemen

Research from ReBUILD for Resilience on the coping mechanisms adopted by frontline health workers in the hospital emergency department in Sana’a, Yemen