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Including and engaging disabled participants in research

Thazin La of Burnet Institute Myanmar speaks on her team’s experience and reflections of including and engaging disabled participants in research in Myanmar

Young people’s mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in a fragile setting: formative research to strengthen community mental health systems in Myanmar

Study on adolescents’ and young people’s mental health in Myanmar – part of the formative phase of a three-year development project to co-design and pilot a community-based model of mental health and psychosocial support

Community stressors and coping mechanisms in accessing the health system during a double crisis: a qualitative case study from Yangon Region, Myanmar

Paper on community stressors in Myanmar during COVID-19 and the political crisis, and the impact on the country’s health system

Poster on health systems resilience through the prism of gender equity and justice

Poster on health systems resilience through the prism of gender equity and justice

Poster on the role of non-state actors on Myanmar’s health system 2015-22

Poster on the role non-state actors have had in health service delivery in Myanmar 2015-22

The Gendered Experience of Close to Community Providers during COVID-19 Response in Settings: A Multi-Country Analysis

Qualitative research study in Lebanon, Nepal, Myanmar & Sierra Leone explored the gendered experiences of CTC providers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The gendered experience of close-to-community providers in fragile and shock-prone settings – Myanmar

Report from Burnet Institute Myanmar on the gendered experiences of close-to-community providers during COVID-19

The role of non-state actors in health service delivery and health system resilience in Myanmar (2015-22)

Research the changing role that non-state actors have played and currently play in the delivery of health services in Myanmar

Burnet Institute Myanmar

Information on the ReBUILD for Resilience health systems research partner, Burnet Institute Myanmar, and its staff

Resources from ReBUILD’s research on gender in post-conflict health systems

Details of all outputs from ReBUILD’s work on gender and post-conflict health systems.