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Health Systems Resilience

ReBUILD and health systems resilience – about the research programme, predecessor of ReBUILD for Resilience

A summary of ReBUILD’s research themes, projects and related outputs

A summary document giving an overview of the projects and research themes which have made up ReBUILD’s work.

Summary of ReBUILD’s research themes, projects and outputs 2018

This summary of ReBUILD’s research projects from both the original phase and the short extension phase of the programme. It includes links to further information on the projects and their outputs.

A Case Study of Maternal Health Service Provision in OR Tambo District, Eastern Cape, in the Context of Chronic Poor Health Performance.

Case studies produced by Health Systems Resilience: A Systems Analysis – a ReBUILD affiliate research project applying a systems dynamics approach to understand, predict and identify mechanisms that influence the resilience of health systems in contexts of adversity.

A Case Study of Technical Assistance to HIV Services in Cote d’Ivoire in the Context of Civil Unrest Following the Disputed Presidential Election of 2010

A 2014 ReBUILD case study of technical assistance to HIV services in Cote d’Ivoire in the during civil unrest