Early Career Researcher spotlight – Giulia Loffreda

15 June 2023

Next in our series on ReBUILD for Resilience’s early career researchers we meet Giulia Loffreda from Institute for Global Health and Development at Queen Margaret University.

Hi, Giulia. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your roll within ReBUILD.

I am currently engaged in various aspects of ReBUILD and health system resilience, focusing on topics such as community resilience and the crucial role of community leaders in sustaining public health responses during emergencies. Additionally, I am a member of the gender, justice, and equity working group. Being a part of ReBUILD has been an incredible experience, enabling me to gain extensive knowledge and skills while conducting fascinating research.


What have you enjoyed about your ReBUILD experience so far?

What I find particularly valuable about ReBUILD is the multitude of opportunities it has provided for professional growth. Engaging in cross-country learning has been enriching, and I appreciate the diverse platforms available to share our experiences. The research forum and capacity-building sessions organized by ReBUILD have been invaluable in this regard. I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on system thinking and causal loop diagrams, which was both enjoyable and insightful.


Tell us about the early career researchers

Recently, we initiated an Early Career Researchers (ECR) forum within the consortium, and I am currently coordinating its activities. This platform allows us to define our goals as ECRs and identify the support we require within ReBUILD. Currently, we are conducting a literature review to deepen our understanding of the concept of health justice in health policy and system research. Subsequently, we aim to undertake empirical work in this area.

But the true essence of ReBUILD lies in its passionate and dedicated individuals who contribute to fostering a collaborative and collegial environment. Working together, we strive to strengthen health systems and create a positive impact.


What’s next for you?

Looking ahead, I am eager to expand my expertise in building climate-resilient health systems, as it is an area of research that deeply resonates with me. My passion is also on non-communicable disease policies and interventions and implementation research, for which more work is needed, particularly on how health systems in low and middle-income countries and fragile contexts can integrate NCDs services and build resilience to such complex interventions.

Overall, ReBUILD has been an exceptional platform that has broadened my horizons and nurtured my professional development. I am grateful for the supportive and enthusiastic community within the consortium, which has made this journey incredibly rewarding.